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I've never been the most practical person.

Hi, my name is Cheyenne, and I'm a writer (fantasy, if you're curious). I have a separate website for that, but here's where I open the ol' heart valve and bleed a little on the screen. I'm probably going to write about things that we're not typically celebrated for discussing. Some of it we're told not to discuss.


But life is damn short and time is never on our side, even when we foolishly think it is as we're dicking around on social media, putting the 18th filter on a photo that 2 people might actually give a rip about, or playing just one more round of whatever addictive phone/device game (oh, bonjour, Carcasonne) that's using up our shrinking daily brain juice.

I've reached the age where I fear letting one more year of my life pass without being real about the lessons I've learned, the challenges I face, and the truths I feel drawn to share. Enough people have told me SAME HERE that I know I'm not alone, saying, "If only more people talked about this." So. I wanted to make a place to talk about it. Whatever *it* is.

Most likely, the screw-ups, the rash moves, the hideous realities, and any lessons I may have learned (kicking & screaming) ... as well as the current scenarios I'm trying to handle more practically.

A blogger I greatly admire (the wonderful Jamie Wright) said in her memoir, THE VERY WORST MISSIONARY, that when given the advice to "do the next right thing," she wished instead someone would've told her to "do the next most practical thing after careful exploration of the facts," so that if everything blows up, you can still point to the attempt you made to do what was best. And believe that God will handle the rest. 

That's the inspiration behind this blog. In life, I'd love to aim for the next most practical thing, but given my track record, chances are it'll be highly impractical—or, at least, seem that way. But how God nudges me to act might seem impractical to others (and even to me), but I try and want with all my heart to make choices that reflect purpose, love, hope, and faith. Even if they seem completely effing bonkers.

Along the same theme is Oswald Chambers' assertion that, "If a person is ever going to do anything worthwhile, there will be times when he must risk everything by his leap in the dark." 

I'm probably taking one by putting these words out there. But the question on whispered repeat in my head is: Would I rather get to the end of my life and feel I kept all my truest words—my truest self—to myself? 

Hell no.

I hope you find words and truths that encourage you, too. And if you don't find them here, it's okay to be honest. (Just be honest about it somewhere else. Just kidding. Sort of. Ha.)

Love, Cheyenne.

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